Grief Mechanics (2017) - string quartet and electronics - Premiered w/ the Matosinhos String Quartet at CMMR 2017 score

Untitled (2016) - three or more synthesiser - w/ the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra @ NIU, Barcelona and @ Phonos Foundation Barcelona.

Cúige (Province) (2016) - multichannel Soundscape - Sonic Environments, Brisbane, Australia. program notes

The Collapse of Histrionics (2015) - fiddle and electronics - The Sound and Music Computing Conference, Maynooth, Ireland. program notes

Dissolve (2014) - fixed media - Radiophrenia 2016, Scotland

ReactAct (2009) - real-time composition - Darklight Film Festival, Ireland (Performance)

Bitstream Tornado (2009) - fixed media - Dublin Electronic Arts Festival Artist Compilation (Last ever DEAF!) download

Fresh Intelligence (2009) - real-time composition - Samuel Beckett Theatre, Ireland (Premiere)


Mostly drum-oriented, shoegazy stuff. Available for free on www.soundcloud.com/carthach.


I'm a member of Noatak, a rather inactive Dublin based electronic/rock band. We released an E.P. in 2013. Well-known UK nerdy periodical Sound On Sound had this to say about it: ... there's plenty in the production to retain the listener's interest, much of it pleasingly dissonant and twisted.

I also make sounds with the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra, not necessarily on laptop!